Welcome to rmodel’s documentation!

rmodel is a program written in Fortran 77 that determines stellar population parameters (e.g. age, metallicity, IMF slope,…), using as input line-strength indices, through the interpolation in SSP model predictions. Both linear and bivariate fits are computed to perform the interpolation, as explained in Cardiel et al. (2003).


The program was created by the author to carry out these kind of interpolations, in an interactive way, for his own work. Since some colleagues have asked to use it, the program has been made public through this web page. The program was not intended to be quite general nor to do much more apart from the interpolations themselves.

Sometimes the program’s output can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that rmodel has been built as the workbench of many tests concerning interpolations in index-index diagrams. Many users can ignore much of the information displayed.

Although the program can be executed in scripts, it is quite risky to make use of the results obtained automatically (i.e., in a non interactive mode), since the interpolations only make sense when the SSP grid is well behaved (non degenerate).